PCIM 2018 Seminar and Tutorial

PCIM 2018 Seminar and Tutorial

Schedule: Sunday, 03.06.2018, 14:00 – 17:30 hrs
Room: Arvena Park Hotel Nuremberg, Görlitzer Str. 51, 90473 Nuremberg

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Seminar: Modern magnetic Technologies for High Efficiency and Power Density

The seminar will present a comprehensive overview of the modern magnetic technologies presently used in power conversion and new trends in magnetics aimed in addressing the new demands in power conversion. In the quest for higher power densities and higher efficiency magnetic technologies were forced to adapt and new magnetic structures were developed.

The seminar will start by presenting several key characteristics of magnetic transformers such as leakage inductance, stray inductance, inter-winding and intra-winding capacitances and their impact on power conversion performance. Methods of measuring and controlling these parasitic elements are also presented.  Read more …

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