High Efficiency and High Power Density Adapters.

The flyback topology is one of the most used circuit topologies in the field of power conversion,
especially in lower to medium power application (such as AC-DC adapters, for
example). The reason for such a high level of utilization of the flyback
topology is rooted in its simplicity and low cost of implementation, as well as
in the fact that it can operate efficiency over a very large range of input
voltage. The AC-DC adapters with power under 70W, to gain the capability of
operating all over the world, requires an operation from an alternating input
voltage ranging from 90Vac to 264Vac, a total range of 3:1.

In addition to
that, the new PD 3.0 standard for power delivery requires that the AC-DC adapters
provide an output voltage ranging from 3.3V to 20V which is a range of 6:1.

The “Ideal Flyback”
topology is based on a standard QR Flyback wherein the leakage inductance
energy is harvested in a very simple way, without the use of an active clamp
and the energy which is harvested from the leakage inductance energizes the
Rompower’s current injection circuit to obtain Zero Voltage Switching in any
operating conditions.

I attached the following material:

1.     Ideal Flyback, publication at PCIM2021.

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3.     High Efficiency Passive Clamp                                               US Patent 10,972,014 B2

4.     PowerPoint Presentation of Ideal Flyback