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Laptop power adaptor hits 94% efficiency, squeezes into 3.19 in.3 space

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eeDesignNewsEurope, the voice of the Engineer article about 65W AC-DC Adaptor

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Press release – Rompower Announces The AC/DC Laptop Power Adaptor Technology Capable of 94% Efficiency, 20 W/in3 Power Density in an Incredibly Small Package

Taking advantage of the high performance of eGaN® FETs, Rompower Energy Systems has announced a reference design for a tiny, 65 W, 94% efficient AC/DC power adaptor for laptops and other mobile devices.

TUCSON, Az. – April 2017 – Rompower Energy Systems, an internationally recognized research and development company in the field of power conversion, announces the availability of technology for an extremely small, highly efficient AC/DC power adapter. In the quest for higher power density, the efficiency of the adapter is critical in order to decrease the heat dissipation. The reference design is measuring just 3.19 cubic inches in size, this adapter provides 65 W of power at greater than 94% efficiency over the entire input voltage range (90 Vac – 264 Vac).  The adapter has a power density of 20 W/in3. This high efficiency means that the device runs cooler than standard AC/DC adapters
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PCIM 2017 – Sunday, May14th – Monday, May 15th

In May 2017, at PCIM 2017 in Nuremberg, Ionel Dan Jitaru from Rompower Energy Systems will present a seminar and a tutorial
Seminar – Sunday, May 14th  “Modern Magnetic Technologies for High Efficiency and High Power Density “
Tutorial – Monday, May 15th  “New Trends in Power Conversion for Very High Efficiency and High Power Density”

PCIM 2017 – Key Note Paper – Thursday May 18th

On May 18th 2017 Ionel Dan Jitaru will present a Key Note paper entitled “Evolution in Topologies as a Result of new Devices and Enabling Technologies”
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APEC 2017 March 26-30 Tampa

At APEC 2017 in Tampa (March 26-30), Rompower Energy Systems had introduced the latest 65W adapter with the word’s highest efficiency over the entire input voltage range and a power density above 20W/in3.  Click here for more information.

PCIM 2015

On May, 17th, 2015 Ionel Dan Jitaru will present at PCIM 2015 Europe in Nuremberg, Germany a seminar on “Magnetic design fo very high Efficiency Power Conversion” (Sunday, 17.05) and a tutorial: “99% Efficiency for AC-DC and DC-DC Converters” (Monday, 18.05).

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