APEC 2024 Seminar


Professional Education Seminar: Sunday, Feb 25, 2024, 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Rompower’s CEO Ionel
Jitaru will present a Professional Education Seminar for APEC 2024, entitled “MODERN

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About the Seminar:

The tremendous progress
in semiconductor technology moved the spotlight for efficiency quest towards magnetics.
The progress in magnetic technology has been limited, though novel magnetic
solutions were developed and used in some recent applications. The seminar will
focus on the latest magnetic technologies capable of pushing efficiency to a
very high level. A study of the loss mechanism in magnetics and ways to improve
it, together with novel magnetic structures will be presented. The seminar will
present in detail all the parasitic elements in magnetics, the loss mechanism
associated with it and solutions in addressing them.

following items will be analyzed:

Leakage Inductance and methods of control
and reduction.

Stray Inductance and its effects.

Parasitic capacitances and method of

Gap effect and techniques to reduce it.

EMI suppression in transformers.

Loss due to the “end effect:” and methods
of reduction.


Since 1992 Rompower is presenting professional
seminars at different International conferences such as APEC and PCIM Europe.
The seminars were attended with great enthusiasm by many power conversion
emgineers over the years with great reviews. Below are several reviews from
previous seminars at APEC.

Your seminar on magnetics was the single most useful and practical discussions I had at APEC. It takes great technical leaders like you to keep the power electronics field interesting and motivating for the community.

-Peng Xiao, OSRAM

Your tutorial was the most inspiring one I have ever heard

-Dennis Bura, Bosch Research

I enjoyed your seminar on Monday and was intrigued by your presentation.

-Matt Dvorak, BH Electronics Inc.

“Thanks for the excellent presentation on magnetic technology in APEC"

-Jiangbiao He, University of Kentucky

“I was in your APEC2019 conference about ‘Latest trends in Magnetic technology….’ and it was really interesting for me."

-Antonio Rojas, PREMO S.A.

“I was impressed with the creative ideas you shared in your seminar."

-Erik Reed, Kemet Electronics

“I very much enjoyed yoru presentation today at the APEC meeting."

-Bary Zitting, Utah State University Research Foundation

“Thank you for your great seminar. We have learned a lot on the subject from you."

-Professor Siew-Chong Tan

“It was very informative and mind – boggling presentation to me. I really enjoyed and appreciated it."

-Shi Chong, Raytheon

“I found your presentation very good, I think actually the best one at this year’s APEC, so I would very much like if you could send the presentation."

-Klaus V. Kragelund, Grundfos