Monthly Archives: May 2022

PCIM 2022 Oral Session

ZVS Solutions for Flyback Topology and the Impact of GaN Utilization

Schedule: 2:20 PM (14:20), Room Mailand

Place: NürnbergMesse Karl-Schönleben-Str. Messeplatz 1 90471 Nürnberg

This oral session will be presented by Manfred Schlenk instead of Ionel Jitaru because Mr. Jitaru unfortunately could not attend PCIM. This presentation will show different methods of converting a conventional flyback topology in a soft switching topology. Several solutions of obtaining ZVS in flyback topology, such as energy injection in magnetizing current, active clamp and current injection will be analyzed. A comparison in performances for these methods will be made as well.  The presentation will address the GaN utilization and its advantages in flyback topology with application in AC-DC adapters with power delivery 3:0. The comparison between GaN and silicon mosfet will be done in the case of standard quasi resonant flyback and also in ZVS flyback.