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Incredibly small 65W (η≈94% 27W/in3) laptop charging adapter.

Rompower Patents

Mr. Jitaru has pioneered several trends in power conversion technology and has made numerous patents on power conversion.

Rompower Published Papers

Rompower has several published papers on the subject of power conversion written by Mr. Jitaru.

Technology Capabilities

Rompower has several new designed Technologies in the field of power conversion.

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About The Company

Rompower Energy Systems Inc. is an internationally recognized research and development company in the field of power conversion, founded in 2013. The primary goal of this engineering firm is to develop new technologies designed to meet the needs of the power conversion industry. Rompower has licensed technologies and provides engineering services worldwide to customers in areas such as high-density and high efficiency DC-DC and AC-DC converters, power conversion for electric and hybrid vehicles and industial power. Rompower has developed new technologies for very high efficiency power conversion, ranging from AC-DC adapters wherein we reached the highest efficiency on the market, to multiple kilowatt DC-DC converters which utilizes Rompower's timed energy injection technology, pushing the power conversion efficiencies above 99%.

Company's Founder and President

Ionel "Dan" Jitaru founder and president of Rompower Energy Systems Inc. has worked with many electronic manufacturing based companies including but not limited to Ascom Energy Systems and Delta Energy Systems before founding Rompower Energy Systems Inc. Mr. Jitaru has published 65 papers on the concept of power conversion, in which several of them have received the best paper award. Mr. Jitaru held over 52 professional seminars at different international conferences on the subject of power conversion while pioneering several trends in power conversion technologies including but not limited to "Soft Switching PWM", "Full Integrated Multilayer PCB Planar Magnetics", "Synchronized Rectification", and "True Soft Switching Technologies". The power conversion technologies that were mentioned as well as numerous others have been covered by pending and granted patents.

Recent News

APEC 2020 Seminar

New Soft Switching Technologies for Very High Efficiency Schedule: Cancelled Rompower will present a seminar at APEC 2020, entitled “New Soft Switching Technologies for Very ...

Press release April 2018

Rompower latest technologies  in power conversion reduce the size of the 65 W laptop adapter to the size of an AC power plug     ...

Press releases for AC/DC reference design

PE Power Electronic Tips about AC/DC power adapter from Rompower Laptop power adaptor hits 94% efficiency, squeezes into 3.19 in.3 space ee Design News Europe ...

Get information from Tutorial 1 and/ or Seminar 4 at PCIM 2017

Anyone who participated in the Tutorial 1 and/or Seminar 4 at PCIM 2017 are welcome to receive the information presented by Mr. Jitaru by submitting ...

Press release – April 2017

Rompower Announces The AC/DC Laptop Power Adaptor Technology Capable of 94% Efficiency, 20 W/in3 Power Density in an Incredibly Small Package Taking advantage of the ...

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